We are the Champions, Team Bremner's!

Climb the Wall, Stairclimb for Clean Air

Team Bremner's met the challenge, to help make a difference by participating in
the 15th Annual Climb The Wall: Stairclimb for Clean Air, 48 floors of sweat and smiles.

Thanks to everyone who helped us support the cause!


Bremner's Team Won the Fight & Flight

Bremner's won with the fastest top 4 participants in the Fight & Flight!
Mark was fastest in race overall!!! Then there was Julian, Terry,
Warren, Dita & Herman.

The Fight & Flight Challenge pits you against a series of obstacles
that tested strength, stamina, and lungs.  

The Fight & Flight portion was designed to be completed in 3-7  minutes, depending on your fitness level.  All 3 obstacles had to be completed by F&F participants and is timed from the moment you enter the circuit, until you reach the top of the stairs.

Team Bremner came 1st Place in his category...  and ate the most!

Mini Crazies that didn't have enough;  Dita, Herman, and Julien, after the stair walk,
they went out for a 2-3 hr runs.

Bremner's was in the Top 10 fund raisers under the Team!