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RUNNING NEWS - Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday - It's Blueberry Time!

by Solana Klassen


Sunday, Jay and I had planned to go on an epic trail running day along the Howe Sound Crest Trail, but after a hard race in Whistler, we decided we were just beat, and would rather sleep in, relax, and spend a Sunday Funday with James and Mariah.

Spoiler : We slept in. Went for a short run. And then went to visit Terry Bremner, at his organic blueberry farm in Delta. And we ate more blueberries on Sunday, than we ever have! Besides blueberry picking, we had a tour of a 100yr old giant gorgeous barn, we did wine and juice tasting, and got to see a behind the scene look at how the delicious blueberries are made into amazing blueberry juice!!

We’ve started spending Sunday nights with James and Mariah, grabbing dinner, and sitting down to watch our fave show, Dexter. Even with such an intense show, it’s the perfect wind down from busy weekends we’ve found.

On Sunday, Terry had invited Jay and I out to pick blueberries and visit him, so we jumped at the chance, and brought James & Mariah along for the adventure.
And what an adventure it was! You guys, if you haven’t been blueberry picking, you HAVE TO GO!! So much fun!

Terry and his gf Hikari have become staples of the trail racing world for me, and have quickly skyrocketed to the top of my list of favorite smiling faces to see out there. Last weekend after finishing Fat Dog, we spent the entire afternoon at the finishing line with them, and it was such a pleasure to get to know them both better.

I knew that Terry had a blueberry farm, so when he invited us to come out and pick blueberries and visit, Jay and I jumped at the chance. We LOVE fresh fruit, and blueberries are Jay’s favorite fruit ever. Last weekend, while at family friends in Whistler, I opened up their freezer, and a bag of Bremner bluerries were staring up at me! What’s the chances??

When we arrived at the farm, we were a bit confused, as the name of the name, and the winery (yes, I said WINERY) on the farm was WellBrook not Bremners. But, not too worry, we were at the right place!

Turns out, Terry has this amazing restored 100yr old barn on the farm, a winery in another 100yr old restored building, and SIX different kinds of organic blueberries to pick! Oh and a few llama’s too, but they didn’t want to be my friend…

We started the afternoon with a tour of the barn, and it’s just breathtaking.

Did you know there was different kinds of blueberries?? None of us had a clue. Terry and Hikari gave us a tour and filled us in on the different types of blueberries, and their different uses? For example, one of the smaller types of berries is best used for baking, and is actually used by Whole Foods in their bakeries! Mariah and I had to laugh, because we’d both had muffins from Whole Foods that morning, and didn’t have a clue they were Terry’s berries!

I thought picking would be harder than it was, it was actually super easy to get a big box filled up, even with all the eating we did along the way. Trying the different types of blueberries right after each other made it really easy to notice the differences. And I have to tell you, all 6 varieties were absolutely delicious. Nom, nom, nom.

Our boxes got very heavy, and we decided we better head inside to the winery. You may or may not know, but I’m not much of a wine drinker. But, I’m willing to try anything. I’ll admit, I liked the juices we tried (OMG Black Cherry is beyond amazing) better than the wines, but, I did find the raspberry ice wine to be phenomonal.

Along with their signature wines and juices, they also had a selection of really neat local treats, as well as a small freezer with frozen fruits, and PIES!

James and Jay insisted we needed to buy at least 1, probably 2 pies. I have to admit, I’m so glad they talked me into this. We had blueberry pie for dessert, and we all decided that it was the BEST blueberry pie we have EVER tasted in our lives. Wow, it was good.

We loaded up on wine, ice wine, blueberries, pies, and juice! Everything was well worth the cost, and I’ve actually been dreaming about the Black Cherry juice since Sunday, so I think I need to order a case of Cherry & Blueberry juice. It’s so refreshing, fresh, and tasty. And knowing where it comes from, really gives me a warm feeling.

I would absolutely recommend going berry picking and visiting the winery as a great little adventure. We had such a blast on Sunday, and we just kept saying that our day got better and better. I know we will be back, especially because they also offer cooking classes there!! Score!

What powers a beast?? Bremners!! Nom, nom, nom!
Thank you so much to Terry for such a fantastic afternoon at the WELLBROOK Winery and Organic Blueberry Farm!!