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Bremner's believes in living an active healthy lifestyle and we "practice what we preach" so to speak. Eat healthy and stay active, feed your mind, body and soul!

Bremner's Racing Team participates
in many racing events throughout the year.

This team includes Terry Bremner, Peter Bremner,
and Hikari plus others in select races.




Team Bremner's, Herman, finished 73 out of 4000 - 6000 runners at the BMO!


We are the Champions!

Team Bremner's wins the Fight & Flight at the Climb the Wall.
This years 15th Annual Stair Climb for Clean Air.
Check it out...

2016 Racing Events

Jan 17 Steveston (Participate) 8km
Feb 21 Climb the Wall (Participate)
Feb 27 RRR (Sponsor) 13/25km
Mar Tokyo (Participate) 20km
Mar 13 Oyama Marathon (Participate) 9km
Mar 20 CapCrusher (Participate/Sponsor) 8/13km
May 7 5 Peaks Golden Ears (Participate)
May 21 Great Wall (Participate) 42km
May 21 Iron Knee (Sponsor)
May 28 Survival (Participate/Sponsor) 13/18km
June 12 STP (Participate)
June 18 Leadville (Participate) 42km
July 9 Knee Knacker (Participate/Sponsor) 50km
July 23 Buckin (Participate/Sponsor) 25/50km
Aug 12-14 Fat Dog (Sponsor) 120miles
Aug 27 Whistler (Participate)
Sep 11 Skypilot (Participate/Sponsor) 14/23km
Oct 1 Buntzen (Participate)
Oct 29 Hallows Eve (Participate/Sponsor)
Nov 19 Phantom (Participate/Sponsor)
Nov Taiwan (Participate)

2015 Racing Events

June 27-28 Tenderfoot Boogie (Participate) (28km)
July 11 Knee Knacker (Participate/Sponsor) (30 miles)
July 11 Grouse Summit challenge (Particpate)
July 18 5 Peaks Cypress (Participate)
July 19 Whistler RedBull 400m climb (Participate)
July 25 Buck'in Hell (Participate) (Sponsor) (15 or 50 km)
Aug 23 Squamish 50 (Participate) (50 km)
Aug 13-15 Manning Park (Sponsor) (120 miles) Fatdog
Aug 25 5 Peaks Whistler (Participate) (11 km)
Sept 20 Sky Pilot Squamish (Participate/Sponsor) (22km)
Oct 10 Run ridge Run Buntzen lake (Participate/Sponsor) (13 or 25km)
Oct 12 Victoria marathon (Participate)
Oct 24 Hallow's Eve Lynn valley (Participate/Sponsor) (21km)
Nov 11 Phantom run Lynn valley (Particpate/Sponsor) (24km)

Past Racing Events...